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Top Ten Tuesday – I want all the swoons!


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they come up with a topic and invite whoever wants to add their own list to their own blog.


There is nothing quite like finding a book and swooning over it. While it’s always nice to swoon in real life, sometimes books do the trick!

Here are my some of my favorite swooniest books:

The Crown of Embers – I skipped over The Girl of Fire and Thorns because Hector didn’t make a huge impression on me. When I got to Crown of Embers though… yowzah! He brought all the swoons and quivering bodices. He only gets swoonier as the series goes on! But it’s not really just him that makes this book swoony; it’s the tension and building relationship between the two. It’s how you’re torn between wanting them to be together and wanting Elisa to grown on her own.

The Iron Fey series - Ash is honestly what makes this a swoon-worthy series. It’s one of my favorite series that totally made me all a flutter. What made me swoon is just how deep the love ran through the series. It was hard at times but even when it tore at my heartstrings I still felt wonderful about Ash and Meagan and their slow build relationship – well, as slow as it can be!

Chapter 62 of Unravel Me- I know this is supposed to be books that make you swoon, but the entire Ignite Me series is swoony. This chapter however is simply panty-melting hot.

Crown of Midnight – The romance in this book is top-notch, but not the main focus. Which is why I think this one brought on the swoons for me. Small scenes that were so perfect gave me a chance to sigh and realize how lovely it was before the ass-kicking started back. The scene where Celeana and Chaol dance? Le sigh!

The Goddess Test series – Okay, this is one of those examples where it’s not so much the book that makes you swoon as it is the love interest. Henry, or Hades, is simply the most swooniest. He’s dark and brooding and, according to his first wife, Persephone, is quite… blessed with endowments (still can’t see what this girl was complaining about). While the series is, in my opinion, good, what really made it perfect for me was Henry and just how dreamy I found him.

Catching Fire – There wasn’t a chance this book wouldn’t end up on my list. There’s not a ton of swooning in it, but little moments that made my heart flutter. Thank you Peeta. :)

Okay, I’m gonna stop here because I am getting a serious case of the vapors! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – I want all the swoons!

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, Hector. <3 I don't know if I've ever swooned over a character as much as I did with him. He was so fantastic.

  2. Hector. I love him, and I think Crown of Embers is the swoon-worthiest of the trilogy(with The Bitter Kingdom being a close second). The romantic tension between Hector and Elisa throughout CoE is just perfect.

    I love this Peeta moments in Catching Fire too! It’s, as you say, not a swoon-worthy book, but the little moments that do happen are just so achingly perfect.

  3. I haven’t read the Iron Fey series, but so many people have told me to read those books! I didn’t realize it was swooony! Thanks for hooking me up with this vital knowledge. haha

  4. I recently read The Girl of Fire and Thorns – and oh my gosh, the book was amazing! I haven’t read the sequel, but I liked Hector a lot in the first book. But I’m still missing Umberto.

  5. Oh, Peeta. Gotta love him. I am super confused by the movies though, they are making me way more into Gale than I ever was with the books.

  6. So many good ones! And OK I still haven’t read Unravel Me but I may just have to skip right to chapter 62.

    Totally agree with Crown of Midnight and Catching Fire. Love!

    Thanks for sharing your swoony faves :)

  7. LOVE Crown of Embers! Great list!

  8. Great picks!! I’ve wanting to read Shatter Me and Crown of Embers. =)
    My Top Ten Tuesday>

  9. I haven’t finished the Iron Fey series yet but I pretty much keep reading because of Ash. Totally swoon worthy. Great picks! My T10T if you want to check it out

  10. Yikes, I need to keep going with the Rae Carson series! Great picks, Candice. I love that swoony conversation and kiss on the beach in Catching Fire, and CHAOL!!!!!

  11. I definitely need to read The Girl of Fire and Thorns series!! And read Ignite Me too :P

  12. I actually haven’t read a lot of these! Yipes! But I do love how things start to heat up in Catching Fire! (see what I did there? LOL)

  13. Oh Hector. I loved him from his first appearance in Fire and Thorns and was super sad that he wasn’t in that book more. Crown of Embers was pretty much my dream come true.

  14. love catching fire too. nice list. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  15. Great list! & WARNERRrr

    Check out my TTT.

    Leydy @ OUaT & Redcarpetendings

  16. I’m definitely in the minority in how I feel about the Iron Fey series (I only read the first book) because I really didn’t like it. One of my issues was that Ash was downright mean, what with his trying to kill Puck and all. I just never saw him be kind to Meghan. So I’m wondering, for all of you who love Ash, what do you see in him? Does he get less aggressive as the series progresses?

  17. Any scene with Chaol & Celaena will always make me smile, even if it’s something subtle, quiet and not even supposedly romantic. They’re just such a dreamy pair ;)

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